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Polypropylene Rope (220mtr Coil)

Polypropylene Rope (220mtr Coil)

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Polypropylene or Polyprop Rope is a versatile, lightweight rope with a wide range of applications.

  • Split Film: A cost effective rope for general purpose use.
  • Yarn Construction: Certified with a breaking load limit which can be used for lifting.



Yarn Construction technical information

Diameter  Weight per coil (220mtr) Breaking Load
6mm 4 kg 600 kg
8mm 6 kg 1030 kg
10mm 9 kg 1570 kg
12mm 14 kg 2200 kg
14mm 20 kg 2900 kg
16mm 25 kg 3770 kg
18mm 32 kg 4700 kg
20mm 39 kg 5720 kg
22mm 48 kg 6840 kg
24mm 57 kg 8030 kg


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